Jisoo Ock, Ph.D.


Hi!  My name is Jisoo Ock.  I am an Assistant Professor of Management and director of Selection & Assessment Lab at Pusan National University.

Please read more about our research on our lab website.  You can also download my vita or visit my ResearchGate profile to find my publications.

Recent Publications 

* denotes graduate student collaborator

Cho, H.*, Li, F.*, Ma., H*., & Ock, J. (2022). Validation and factor structure analysis of the K-Dirty Dozen: A Korean version of a short-form measure of the Dark Triad. Korean Journal of Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

Ock, J., McAbee, S. T., Ercan, S., Shaw, A., & Oswald, F. L. (2021). Reliability generalization analysis of the Core Self-Evaluations Scale. Practical Assessment, Research, and Evaluation.

Ock, J., & An, H.* (2021). Machine learning approach to personality assessment and its application to personnel selection: A brief review of the current research and suggestions for the future. Korean Journal of Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

Ock, J. (2020). How satisfied are you with your job? Estimating the reliability of scores on a single-item job satisfaction measure. International Journal of Selection and Assessment, 28, 297-309.

Ock, J., McAbee, S. T., Mulfinger, E., & Oswald, F. L. (2020). The practical effects of measurement invariance: Gender invariance in two Big Five personality measures. Assessment, 27, 657-674.

Ock, J., & Oswald, F. L. (2018). The utility of personnel selection decisions: Comparing compensatory and multiple-hurdle selection models. Journal of Personnel Psychology, 17, 172-182.

Media Attention 

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Contact Information

E-mail: jisoo.ock@pusan.ac.kr

Office: +82 051-510-2676

Skype: js_ock