Personnel Selection

Our research in the area of personnel selection focuses on selecting job applicants on important psychological characteristics: e.g., job knowledge, conscientiousness, motivation, interest. All of this is done to serve the practical goals of helping organizations improve the accuracy of selection (i.e., correctly selecting qualified applicants and correctly rejecting unqualified applicants), the productivity of selection (i.e., increasing the expected value or utility on outcomes such as increased performance and decreased turnover, as measured on selected applicants), and the fairness of selection decisions (e.g., mitigating adverse impact related to hiring minority and majority applicants , and broader contextual forms of fairness).


Our research also focuses broadly on personality theory and understanding how personality affects people’s behavior in organizational settings, where key personality traits can be selected for and perhaps can be developed.


Tying all previous work together, we are broadly involved in methodological research that examines issues surrounding the theory, modeling, and measurement of psychological variables, and the practical implications of these issues on the use of psychological measures in applied settings (e.g., workplace, education, military).


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